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North Myrtle Beach Carousel

A carousel embraces all the qualities of family fun in a delightful spin of American traditions. The nostalgic magic and beauty of the carousel with the blinking lights, imaginative creatures, swirling colors and dashing horses continues to capture adventure in fantasy form the oldest and youngest of generations.
Fabricon is an experienced design company and our carousels are our pride and joy. Using the highest standards, technology and artistry allows use to offer the most refined carousels available today. A carousel is the ideal centerpiece of any environment.
Fabricon is proud to be committed to this continuing art form; and to contribute to the revitalization to this precious tradition. The carousel is a living story of love, magic and art; and 3 minute of pure joy. A carousel reminds use of the simple pleasures that make life so precious.
Fabricon Carousels are available in six sizes form 22’ to 50’ and are located all over the world from New York City to New Zealand. In addition to our many sizes are the chooses of supreme horse and in house hand carved menagerie creatures such as Sea Serpents, Manatees, Frogs, Dolphins, Giraffes and many, many more.
This company understands that design and it elements are key to the success of our products. Being able to do this requires precision and a unique balance; thus creating an all inclusive package of craftsmanship, beauty and durability.
Our superb casting of vintage carousel styles such as Coney Island, Philadelphia and Country Fair allows Fabricon to offer you authentic recreations of original scenery and creatures from the historic carousel stage.
All Fabricon Carousels standard features include lighted paneling throughout, brass, brass floor poles, mirrors, hardwood flooring, stereo and five CD’s of band organ carousel music.
Each Fabricon Carousel is as individual and unique as a finger print. Our staff of accredited artisans, craftsmen and designers have a great understanding of color and how best to interpret animals and scenery. This talent and flexibility in the design of our carousels guarantees not on the finest quality, also allows the riders to experience the grand magic of the only carousel of its kind in the world.
Examples of some unique designs range from Western, Victorian, Fair Ground, Mayan-Aztec, Christmas, Enchanted Zodiac and Noah’s Ark. What ever your vision of the carousel is Fabricon can make it a reality.

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